A project-based, all-inclusive build-your-own kit for handymen who don’t have the space or money for a full workshop or shed and want to tackle individual projects. Workbench takes what you already have and creates a custom kit to provide everything you still need to build your next big project. Now the kids can stop nagging you about the swing set they “ just needed” weeks ago.

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Skill and safety assessments are required for signing up to guage the user’s skill level, make sure the user won’t be unsafe with certain tools, and open up projects that would be the perfect fit. 

Positioning & Audience

Workbench takes what you already have and creates a custom kit, providing everything needed to build each project so you won’t end up with duplicate tools. With the option to rent or buy bigger tools, Workbench makes it easy to access what you need no matter the financial bounds.
For the American DIY Dad. This man has at least one child, or is a new father, is probably married, and might be stay at home or working part-time. He is anywhere between 25 and 45, and doesn’t necessarily need prior knowledge of carpentry/woodwork, but he probably has some. 

Visual Identity

Workbench is all about precision and quality at an affordable price. The design reflects this in its grid, use of blueprints, and photography style.
Voice Words
/ masculine / precise / quality