Non-Native people have commercialized smudging — a closed indigenous practice involving the burning of dried plants to cleanse a space. The most popular plants used (palo santo, white sage) are being overharvested by non-Native people, thus bringing them to endangerment.  The Good Witch is a mindful brand for practicing modern witches with a focus on sustainable herbal cleansing and spiritual goods, offering appropriate alternative products that are not intrusive to Native culture.

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Positioning & Audience

The Good Witch offers products that can spiritually cleanse your home. Its products do less harm to the environment and stay within the appropriate bounds of European traditions, which everyone can use. Plant alternatives to white sage and palo santo explored here are yarrow, rosemary, and lavender.
For practicing witches or those interested in spirituality/herbal cleansing properties that are looking for more sustainable alternatives in their practices / spells. Prodominantly female or nonbinary, 20-55.

Visual Identity

The Good Witch is simple, just like it’s cause. Vector illustrations and subtle gradients make the brand relevant to current consumers, while also nodding to old apothecary labels in its hierarchy. Autumnal colors communicate to the audience, and evoke a warm and comforting feeling. 
Voice Words
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